Near Future Technologies Ltd

A specialist innovation company that uses cutting edge technologies to craft bespoke ideas for companies of all sizes.

About Us

We help businesses and individuals to develop their ideas using established and emerging technologies. Our mission is to promote inovations and creative solutions driven by the latest computing science research and popular technology trends.

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Innovation is the key to success! Companies need to embrace innovation in order to combat ongoing competition, adapt to constant change, and cater to the needs of their customers.

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We will help you to identify innovative technologies suitable for your enterprise, to establish and sustain your business, and to give it a competitive edge in the long term.

Your Solutions

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We specialise in developing prototype systems and using case scenarios to test the feasibility of your unique ideas. Whether your idea requires a complex information ecosystem or just a simple web app, we are here to help!

What we know about

We design and implement custom intelligent systems where functionalities focus on knowledge representation, data integration, data collection, traceability and monitoring. We work with new emerging technologies to help you stay ahead of your competition and prepare for future Web revolutions.

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Near Future Technologies Ltd Registered in Scotland - Company number SC497252 Registered office 20 Adelphi, Aberdeen, AB11 5BL, United Kingdom